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Blasti, the Assoziations-Blaster's mascot

* German for »Associativity-O-Blast« [Deutsche Version]

»Blowing Your Mind Was Yesterday!«

The Assoziations-Blaster is an interactive text network. Anyone, including you, is allowed to contribute to the text database. And all the texts inside this database are connected automatically in real time.

You can not browse through all the texts in a linear way. Instead you jump from one text to another depending on their connections, revealing new meanings and associations.

The information in the database is organized through keywords. Every text belongs to a keyword, and the keywords create the connections between the texts. You are also allowed to create new keywords after certain intervals. So with your contribution you can help to build up a non-linear map of all things that exist.

New here? For a quick overview of this project read our Introduction!

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A project by Alvar C.H. Freude and Dragan Espenschied
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