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on Jun 15th 2000, 13:23:09, maike wrote the following about


man it's a hot one
like seven inches from the midday sun
i hear your whisper and the words
melt everyone
but you stay so cool
my munequita , my spanish harlem mona lisa
you're my reason for reason
the step in my groove

and if you said this life
ain't god enough
i would give me world to lift you up
i would change my life to better
suit your mood
cause you're so smooth

and it's just like the ocean
under the sea
well that's the same as the emotion
that i get from you
you got the kind of lovin that could
be so smooth
give your heart make it real
or else forget about it

well i'll tell you one thing
if you would leave it be a
crying shame
in every breath and every word
i hear your name calling me out
out from the barrio , you hear
my rythm on your radio
you feel the turning of the world
so soft ans slow
turning you round and round ...

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