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on Oct 12th 2007, 08:28:24, fran wrote the following about


I love to be belong to the one study Dharma. We got a terrific guru, he is a sadist and we all became masochists, loving painful sex. First we got our asses whipped. then we ask to have ouer lotus (pussy) whipped, that was beautifull, never enjoyed a better pain being fucked after my clit was bleeding the pain was great. I am greatfull to my guru opening for me the gates of enlightenment. We woman have to experience pain to find enlightenment. Breasts are sensitive after orgasm and I ask him to whip them too, and harder and harder. I like them to break open and bleed and having someones mouth sucking the blood, the pain is indiscrible satisfying for me. My female friends are all masochist and love it to. Only once a week we allowed to step on the altar to be sexually abused. I am hungry to get there again and only satisfied when my pussy and my breasts are bleeding. I can not get enough of that pain.

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