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on Apr 6th 2007, 11:04:27, Joo wrote the following about


Poem of Drinking
Iīd like another drink I think
Another drink to make me pink!
I think Iīll drink until I stink;
Iīll drink until I cannot blink.
Perhaps Iīll have a shot of rye,
the rye I spy with my own eye.
Some rye to make me fly soo high,
I think that I can touch the sky.
Some vodka would be very nice
or wine, or maybe scotch on ice.
Perhaps Pina Colada would entice
Iīll drink it once, Iīll drink it twice.
Also I need some gin to make me grin.
Itīs not a sin to want some gin!
A 26 will make me spin and swing;
and then I will restart the same thing.
I want some beer to make me cheer
Hurray! Hurray! A cheer for beer!
I will not stick it in my ear:
Hurray! Hurray! Iīm here for beer!
Iīm loaded now, I have to go;
my brain is working very slow.
Thereīs just one thing I need to know:
Where is the can? I have to go!

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