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Only half-awake and thinking it was early morning, Coyote jumped at the sound of Mole´s voice and ran to the lodge of the Spirit Chief. None of the other Chip-chap-tiqulk were there. Coyote laughed. Blinking his sleepy eyes, he walked into the lodge.
»I am going to be Kee-lau-naw,« he announced in a strong voice. »That shall be my name
»The name Grizzly Bear was taken at dawnthe Spirit Chief answered.
»Then I shall be Milka-noups,« said Coyote, and his voice was not so loud.
»Eagle flew away at sunup,« the other replied.
»Well, I shall be called En-tee-tee-ueh,« Coyote said in a voice that was not loud at all.
»The name Salmon also has been taken,« explained the Spirit Chief. »All the names except your own have been taken. No one wished to steal your name
Poor Coyote´s knees grew weak. He sank down beside the fire that blazed in the great tepee, and the heart of Hah-ah´Eel-mé-whem was touched.
»Sin-ka-lip´,« said that Person, "you must keep your name. It is a good name for you. You slept long because I wanted you to be the last one here. I have important work for you, much for you to do before the New People come. You are to be chief of all the tribes.
"Many bad creatures inhabit the earth. They bother and kill people, and the tribes cannot increase as I wish. These En-alt-na Skil-ten-People – Devouring Monsters – cannot keep on like that. They must be stopped. It is for you to conquer them. For doing that, for all the good things you do, you will be honored and praised by the people that are here now and that come afterward. But, for the foolish and mean things you do, you will be laughed at and despised. That you cannot help. It is your way.

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