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on Mar 2nd 2001, 23:21:09, capi wrote the following about


when i was 19 i saw TIMOTHY LEARY speak in a debate against curtis sliwa(palookaville)....
there were some very strange characters there, including a middle aged woman(or so it seemed) in a GREY business suit and a beehive hairdoo....
well, after a while i get the distinct feeling of being watched closely.....turn around....oh...she's staring....AT ME and my friend.....for 2 hours.......but when i saw her eyes that is when i knew...she was an agent of the illuminati.......now this was before all those crazy contact lenses(circa 1990)....she had the eyes of a reptile----yellow, with the pupil slit straight up and down......if not the illuminati.....then WHO?

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