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Have you got nightmares? Have you got doubts about reality? Join the MATRIX! Is there a border between reality and dream? Or better what would you do if your everyday- life will turn into a big nightmare? No time left, past, present and future all mixed up in your mind, in a way that you can't recognize where you really are in this precise moment. This is the great shock that Thomas Anderson has to face in »MATRIX«. But who is he? Thomas Anderson is one of us: he is simply a young man , who's trying to live his life normally in the chaos of a typical modern-day metropolitan city. He's got a lovely family, nice friends and works for the multi-national computer company 'Meta Cortechs'. Until now everything seems normal, but then Thomas starts to have tremendous nightmares of himself being physically wired against his will into a vast futuristic computer system. He wakes up every night screaming at the point the electrodes pierce into his brain. As the dreams continue, his life suddenly begins taking a strange turn – most surrounding a leather clad woman whom seems to be determined to find something in the corporation. Now Anderson really doesn't know if what he see it's real or not, he even doesn't know if he is in a present day city or, or is he wired up with others into the massive 'Matrix' in the future. Nobody knows it! If they are somewhere else in the future, why and how they arrived there? Are they prisoners like him or only computer projections?
-Try to guess it or... just watch the film!

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