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on Apr 14th 2000, 07:07:50, Julianne wrote the following about


One of my lovers was offered a job by the NSA. He got out of college and he was very technical and kind of a loner and he knew Russian and Arabic and Persian (and this was the late 70's) and he went through a very long screening process including a lie detector test.

In the lie detector test, did they ask if you were gay, I said.

Yes, he said.

It took them a really long time to get around to deciding whether to offer him a job. By the time the offer was ready he already had a civilian job that he loved. He was very patriotic at that point so that's not why he turned them down. The fun of the civilian job was part of it, but the biggest part, he said, was that he thought if he took the NSA job he'd be even lonelier than he usually was.

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