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When I was younger, I remember my brother in the Boy Scouts as a member of the prestigious 'Order of the Arrow'. At the time I thought this was highly impressive and when I grew older, I too joined the Boy Scouts in order to learn the secrets of the Order of the Arrow.
At one camp-out, my tentmate actually took part of the secret initiation. When he returned to the tent, he was supposedly under vow of silence. Somehow, I had made him laugh (breaking the vow), and exchange for *my* silence over his error, he told me the secret codeword for the Order:

»Agape means Love«.

I remember thinking that was the stupidest thing I had ever heard, and didn't remain in the Scouts much longer than that. But whenever I run into groups or cliques that maintain an aire of secrecy or eliteness, I remember that little incident and puts everything into perspective...

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