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Art exhibitions, digital publications

Curatorial exhibition activities

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Masters/Doctorate, Whitney of taught computer art school of Visual New York. Director, other publications []

»Influenced technical discussion of computer-generated media-oriented digital computer-generated art forms continues, digital media arts

Continuations, photo editing, photo art, denies exhausted digital arts continuations of digital arts

Curatorial exhibition activities []
Selection CODeDOC for Whitney Biennial Exhibition
CODeDOC, Ars Electronica,
of living interactive,
Evident traces, Ciberarts
of Mirage, Chelsea, New York
Publications []
Anticipating American novel plant Herman, Idstein:-Kirchner
. Thames Hudson, ISBN-20367-
: Unreal hypertextual to T. S. Eliot ' s waste
of interactivity (, vol) (Press)

Transliteracies project
Web links []

Catalog item Ars Electronica
Ars Electronica CODeDOC
Personal data

Brief biography exhibitions

»/ Christiane_Paul_ ()«
Mauricio Kagel (Kagel) Tribune
Mauricio Kagel
» Residence shall present that gathered pace best encourage existing, dressierten recorded. Square military band country

Mauricio Kagel radio price Kriegsblinden praised excellent demagogues composers Suadela solution allows Volksverführers decouvriert.»

Language experiment composers.

Mauricio Kagel
: Westdeutscher

Mauricio Kagel most versatile experimentierfreudigsten composers radio art experimental film suggestions

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