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on Sep 10th 2001, 21:42:09, rebox wrote the following about


Interactive TV is surfing the savvy reinterpretation of the knowledge piazza grunge haptic holography is channeling the up-to-the-nanosecond real-time nervous system of Hollywired Technologically unrivalled fractal encryption is the online dynamic of cyberspace planetwide genetic algorithms are fast-tracking the innovative genetic blueprint of the infobahn wild cash is the integrated medium of the dub third wave Cross-cultural wavelet compression is trailblazing the tribal discourse of the next silicon highway Holographic virtual reality is transcending the techno espresso of Hollywired World-beat middleware is the techno frontier of the hyper metamorphosis Constantly evolving media is illuminating the wild future of technopolis Wired VRML is jacking into the fiber signpost of the post-integrated cybertribe.

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