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ihave just read piggy carter's little essay written 3 years ago and must say i fnd it thrilling.
To be able to be a source of amusement to a woman and service her in any way she desires has been a desiderata of my soul practically since birth – or perhaps even before birth in a previous life. i have not been successful in this quest for a number of reasons which I shall not go into here.
What i liked about piggy's little essay is that it begins the quest for a theology of Female dominance and supremacy. As long as Gynarchy does not become a religion it will mean nothing more than horny men geting off from »dominant« women who may not even be committed to the notion of female rule and dominance.
Female supremacy mut be gouned in a Cosmic Goddess who demands that her daughters have full control once again of the Universe which actually should be called the GYNOVERSE since the only value in the world is the female sex- of any species.
i am seeking two things here:
1. So much of the litrature on FEMDOM sites are actually written by men. However the Fem Dom movement must be directed only by Womyn. It is Their Will and Their Vision of the Gynaverse that must be upheld. i would appreciate is some Womyn comitted to Gynarchy and Female Supremacy tell us what is it that we inferiors can do to meet the goals, aspirations and pleasure of Womyn.
2.i have no idea why since birth became i have been addicted to Gynarchic notions. Are there any sources that deal with this?
With humiliation,love, wonder and venertation to all members of the Superior gender,

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