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on Jan 23rd 2008, 19:44:36, piggy carter wrote the following about


, a male, dream of that day that Females will take control of the world and restore to its roots in Mother Goddess. Did i say i dream of a world where Gynarchy reigns? I YEARN for it! I HUNGER for it.

The world will be a better place under Female rule. Under patriarchy, wars, bigotry and environmental destruction have run rampant. This is because males deny any connection between nature and Divinity. They do not sense the wonder and enchantment of this world. They lack the cooperative spirit that Females possess and feel no need to be nurturers.
Men think rationally; women intuitively. Rationalism has been a male device for ignoring Female intuitiveness which is grounded in an intimate relationship with Mother Goddess whose holiness inhabits ever nook and cranny of our universe, in us and around us at all times, rather than with artificial theorems that men rely upon. i pray that the day will come when Mother Goddess through her agents, the Female gender will rule supreme; with all males paying homage to Her and accept the rule of all human Females. i pray that that day come speedily!.

Will Gynarchy take away my civil rights? Of course it will. men have proven what utter destruction they bring to the world when they are free. i bow my head before my Superiors, Women of all races, nationalities and faiths. i entreat them to graciously rule over us men so that at long last we will know peace and harmony.

i also bow my head in contrition for all the violence that my gender has rendered upon the Female gender. May our servitude be not only a recompense for the way we have treated Women, but also an acceptable repentance for it. May Mother Goddess and Her agents Females everywhere find within themselves the ability to mercifully accept our repentance.

As for me, i have been granted the extraordinary privilege and honor of being the24/7 slave and slut of my Mistress Kim. She has so kindly rewarded me with chores and tasks that i need to do every day. Cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, going shopping doing errands and of course, catering to her physical needs In addition i am a source of amusement to Her as she watches me fawn over her, making a fool out of myself for her and dancing for Her. She laughs and ridicules me as I demonstrate how much i am willing to debase myself for Her. If i am successful at these tasks, She smiles at me and grants me release. If not then she smiles again and very gently tells me that there will be no release for me and whispering to me to bring the whip which is used to punish me.i love those moments also. I revel in the laseh of Her authority over me.

She is not only my Mistress, but She is my Guide and my Educator teaching me what my true station in life is. If i show a lack of respect , if I fail to obey, if I miss or mess up a chore, if for some reason do not entertain her enough, we have long talks about what the nature of my enslavement is really all about. She patiently leads me to understand my lowliness. We also have aconfession session” once a night about how many times i think of myself rather than Her. Slowly but inexorably i am coming to abolish my own ego, making myself nothing but her tool. May all men be as blessed as i am .

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