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on May 25th 2003, 16:32:05, Ölch & Redlefzen wrote the following about


General a.D. Wurstwaengler bathed straight his high-pregnant admiral, there discovered he that he kept still three hand grenades in secret skin folds far hidden and it arm length. »Och, you holy murder burning and plundering, which we have there?« General Wurstwaengler rubbed thoughtfully the howitzer against the calf and tore her suddenly highly: »I knew it nevertheless, you traitorous pig roast, I pump you the skin with lead to the pipe!« But a suddenly cramp of the Wadenmarkes left the general stumbeling and it tilted together with howitzer in front into the tank admiral. This opportunity used admiral Bellmeier immediately: »If you begin now to cry, then petz I's the auxiliary caretaker envy-hard and let a granite hat make!«

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