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on Sep 6th 2004, 04:48:27, seraphim wrote the following about


The view I see through Raistlin-tailored eyes,
The heated wind which blows o'er the mundane,
My world! The stool for flitting maggot-flies
That snow the smouldered, blackened terrain.

For day and night (or can you tell here?)
I pray for amnesty, for deliverance.
Yet sangre skies bear down and do defy
And mock. Move on! The wind is like a lance

In my side, so sharp its sighs. Oh, Grendel!
Lonely is your way! Distraught, you wander
Your pitiless hell held in Lucifer's
Ill-facitious sway.

Thou speaketh language that they all may hear,
And yet the words fall deaf upon their ear.

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