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on Feb 17th 2023, 11:41:34, schmidt wrote the following about


my dear, you know this great misbeeing not want to talk in the audible space from otherones, is it understanable, or isnt it. i am such an physical object and i was in best mood, in best and perfect wellbeeing to be just physical and to share that physical with my beloved girl. And than were there brothers who took my girl who said her, go, flee, if you can not, there ist an other way, and she gone, yes, she s gione, gone gone, she went awy away one weekend wirth her new partner, she goes away, took with her from the furnituire what ever sher wanted and was nevermore seen for thirty years. this great big und jpoung love, this everlasting great and big and marvellous love, i invited an chemistry collegue to dinner, seven years before, he drank often so much red-wine in ma little student apartment where i lived with her, and we were so kind to let him sleep there instead to let him make the long retour in car to his home, and petit a petit he stole my wife and she let stole her and i saw it and said, he cann never make us dammage, our love is too big, but he did.

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