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on Mar 3rd 2004, 07:41:15, lizzy wrote the following about


people are people but i dont think there are any people for me. i try to break out of the so called shell,you know put om my smiley face,makemy way to a party,i get there and pretty much everyone is drinking and having adamn good time, I end up the designated driver so of course i cant drink alot, istay opened for meeting funny new friends. well everyone is having fun,they are flirting,they are drunk or just very tipsy, soon they want your phone numbers so they can call me, you know, do lunch, whatever,I'll call ya. weeks go by and no one calls, not the girls not the guys,by the way I am not a bi-sexual.merely looking for girls for friends and the guys for something else. I try to be nice and funny. I am not an obnoxious gal, i just don't know why there are no people out there meant for meBOO HOO!!!!

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