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on Nov 23rd 2000, 21:01:33, AFROGBLEU@AOL.COM wrote the following about


It is the strangest phenomenon in the universe, all of us millions sitting around either lamenting an election that really doesn't impact any of us that much unless, of course, we are »the party faithful« and our survival depends upon party survival, or, as winners, rejoicing over a supposed brand new day and age in which our land will be flowing more milk and honey than already exists. Personally, if I am not prepared to sacrifice myself--a la ancient Lacedaemonians--for the public good and present myself for election, then I have no cause for complaint.
And, as for that course of action, I'd rather be boiled alive or have myself dropped into a well and stoned to death, a la modern Islamic culture.

Of course, I'd much rather live, since my existence is not that bad. But consider the lot of those who would destroy themselves for the imagined paradise of Islam. Their lives on earth are so unbearable, that the idea of death into paradise and to be waited on by stupid, amenable and willing Islamic females for eternity, why not?

But for Islamic females who are not stupid, what kind of paradise have they to look forward to? Eternity as a waitress/whore for some trash car bomber?

Anyhow, my philosophy is simple: Make a joke out of life before it makes a joke out of you. LOVE AND LOTS OF WET KISSES ALL AROUND, Froggie

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