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I remember that story about a guy working at an open-air mine at the foot of a mighty mountain. The sunbeams were so hard on his naked back that he wished he would become the sun. His wish came true instantly: he became the sun. He sent out his beams all over the world and felt very powerful. All of a sudden a large cloud appeared and blocked the sunbeams. At once he felt very weak and wished he could be as powerful as a large cloud. And instantly again he became a large cloud blocking the sunshine. But the wind wouldn't let him settle in one place and would even blow him away. He wished he could be as powerful as the wind and yet again his wish came true. He started traveling around the globe shattering clouds and provoking hurricanes and sea storms. But as he swept across the continent, he came to a complete stop because of a very large obstacle: a huge mountain. He wished he could be that mountain, and...you know.
As a mountain he felt very strong, as though he would be there eternally. But he was annoyed by the sound of a hammer, the hammer of a miner carving through his foot with his naked back tanned by the ruthless sun...

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