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The problem with truth, as a word or concept, is that it has several meanings (it is polysemous), and these senses are often contradictory. This situation is complicated by the fact that it involves feelings, as in its opposition to »lies«, while falsity can be demonstrated. Another problem arises when truth is equated with reality, since reality is subject to perception, thus mostly variable according to individuals. When truth is invoked in the case of a fact, it can be proven or disproven. The logician's truth is of little use, since it evacuates contents. But one point needs to be stressed: truth, as the Old Pirate said a year ago, is not a matter of belief. The test would be simple if the meaning of the verb »to believe« did not interfere with the meaning of the verb »to think«. One should also be careful not to confuse »I believe X« (X being a statement) and »I believe in Y« (Y = a concept). You cannot have an opinion on the fact that a tugboat is a boat. Last but not least: the act of believing does not make something exist.

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