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nicholas about lullaby
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Archer about lullaby
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nicholas wrote on Oct 26th 2002, 07:05:54 about


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My lullaby helps me sleep at night. She holds me in her arms and becomes a source of light and hope to hold in return. So I may help her to sleep tonight.

Archer wrote on Nov 23rd 2002, 04:21:23 about


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Unlike lullabies, obligations are not going to put you to sleep at all. Are you going to rest easily on the obligation to accept the authority of the Prophet? Are you an animal? Of course. Are you a slave? Of course. Neither condition must necessarily be a shared one except in your reality. By moral obligation we understand some sort of necessity, imposed on the will, of doing what is good and avoiding what is evil. Oh yeah, if you have let go of God, why continue to cling to moral law? What? What's the problem? Do you refuse to shy away from your obligation to report the truth in meaningful ways? Know that your concepts of meaning, moral and right are the chains of your obligations. Obligations to be nice, to be a wife, to be an asshole, to hate and to smile when you are wounded. Goodnight. Goodnight, goodnight.

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