Amount of texts to »offensive« 9, and there are 6 texts (66.67%) with a rating above the adjusted level (-3)
Average lenght of texts 65 Characters
Average Rating -1.778 points, 1 Not rated texts
First text on Mar 4th 2001, 01:46:33 wrote
quetzalcoatl about offensive
Latest text on Feb 16th 2003, 17:35:32 wrote
wolfi about offensive
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on Feb 16th 2003, 17:35:32 wrote
wolfi about offensive

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Texts to »Offensive«

quetzalcoatl wrote on Mar 4th 2001, 01:46:33 about


Rating: 3 point(s) | Read and rate text individually

I know you are sincere in your belief. That is what makes you so offensive.

whatevernext96 wrote on Nov 26th 2001, 18:11:59 about


Rating: 3 point(s) | Read and rate text individually

Strange that we put an 'in' before 'offensive' to take away the threat. Actually, it sounds more aggressive than ever....

john wrote on Feb 28th 2002, 08:03:51 about


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danger offensive and/or explicit lyrics may offend

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