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Jakob the dark Hobbit about rape
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ER!N about rape
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on Feb 28th 2003, 22:48:50 wrote
M.A.Z about rape

on May 26th 2002, 22:16:43 wrote
Runyon about rape

on Jul 22nd 2003, 05:04:56 wrote
Friend about rape

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s.c. wrote on Oct 28th 2002, 20:14:28 about


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what they thought was their right to do. to do to me. to destroy my life. and coming back night after night to repeat it in my dreams over and over again. to take away my right to control my body and mind, to take away my self-esteem and self-confidence and my trust. to take away everything I had, just for that... just for their anger and aggression and hate and despise.

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