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john jewel about starvation

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aba about starvation

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tanya about starvation

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houska wrote on Feb 23rd 2001, 04:02:15 about


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Starvation is having nothing to eat when your body wants more. Ignorance is not learning when your mind still needs more.

Josef wrote on Aug 1st 2000, 01:53:55 about


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Fasting to the point of near-starvation is an effective means of religious pilgrimage. This is traditionally practised by Australian Aborigines on their walk-abouts, when they commune with the spirits of their dead ancestors. Or, for faster visions and more filling Gods, try mushrooms.

nm wrote on Jan 23rd 2003, 13:16:42 about


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The word that implies the lack of material gains for the survival of essential life forms.

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