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Dolly about trombone
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Genius about trombone

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Edgar about trombone

on Jun 12th 2002, 22:04:17 wrote
mm about trombone

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Pacifist wrote on Aug 13th 2002, 06:50:00 about


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The trombone is the most beautiful sounding instrument in the world!! Even more beautiful sounding than the tuba.

RogerB wrote on Apr 30th 2002, 08:19:29 about


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A trombone has far more atoms than it ever needs, which is why the trombone slide is so useful in allowing the atoms to release through the brass, thus creating what we call music.

Dolly wrote on Nov 30th 2001, 03:26:10 about


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I love to play my trombone!!!!! I am a musical genius!!!!! Why don't you join me????? Learn to play the trombone!!!!!

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