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on Nov 3rd 2002, 00:22:15, stormvogel wrote the following about


Den russiske pręsident var med god grund bange for at blive anholdt som terrorist i Danmark

Hvem var det der tog den endelige beslutning om, at den tjetjenske vicepremierminister Akhmed Sakajev skulle anholdes?

Qeveria ruse ėshtė deklaruar kundėr zhvillimit tė takimit tė cecenėve nė Kopengahė. Ndėrkohė qė mbrėmė vonė, policia e Danimarkės bėri tė ditur arrestimin e pėrfaqėsuesit tė cecenėve Ahmed Sakajev. Sakajev ishte i dėrguari i posacėm i presidentit cecen nė arrati Asllan Mashadov, nė kongresin e Kopnegagės.

Akhmed Zakayev – an envoy attending the World Chechen Congress taking place in the Danish Capital this weekwas arrested by police at the hotel where he was staying at 0400 CET. He is suspected of aiding the Chechen Rebels who took 800 people hostage in a Moscow theatre last week.

Non ą l'extradition du leader tchétchčne Zakayev vers Moscou

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