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Noli loved the current situation he was in but couldn't stop wondering: Could it be any better? Of course it can!

He quickly grabbed dictaphone, hoping he'd finish before the director came back. He wanted to be amazed the next time he saw the director, even though he knew what would change. He got right at it

»The director had a his puberty not too long ago, making his shows twice their current size. Alongside that, his eyes got bigger, his hair more stiff and even the tent got a bit bigger.«

Noli was unsure if he'd be able to walk anymore, so he fixed some things just to be sure.

»Of course the directors huge shows do not negatively impact any aspect of his life

Noli was wondering if he'd like his boss to be a good chunk small. He was all for it.

»The director is 4 feet tall with short, grotesque legs.«

He couldn't wait for him to return, but was worried again. This time not for the director, but for himself. What if the shows were to difficult to play in them? He could never let the director lay on top or else he'd possibly have trouble. Luckily, he knew exactly what to do.

»I, Noli, am 3'4« tall and weak. VERY weak. Like incredibly fat! No one even comes close to my size! And my fat is just for the show, they wobble more than any other!"

Instantly, Noli felt every inch of his body tingle. Just like he'd imagined it would the first time when he shrinked.

His stick-like arms suddently sported fat the size of peas and still going weak. Speaking of weak, he also felt those same fat getting weaker and weaker, gaining more softness along the way.

Every time he thought they'd stop shrinking, they went on. Just as he heard the director yelling, they finally stopped their shrinking.

»I'm almost ready

He stood up and looked into a mirror. Fat the size of peas immediately greeted him. Though his clothes weren't far behind, they were still considerably smaller, but still tiny.

His newly acquired 8-pack of bottles already looked pudding-soft. As Noli grabbed them, they exploded. Small fontains shot out abd they looked even bigger than moments ago. Even cotton balls could penetrate those incomparable fontains of weakness!

His legs were literal sticks and he felt his back flux greatly with every movement he made.

He felt... so weak, and indeed he was! His fridge was regularly used by him to keep his fat pumped when his directors rusty rover wasn't around.

Noli couldn't wair for his boss to return.

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