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on Jul 23rd 2005, 16:28:30, Ahmed wrote the following about


Aiqaida is created and hiddenly sponsored by Jews to use this TRADE NAME for defaming muslims and islam to justify their occupation of paletinian land.
After 9/11 which i belive was also cordinated by jewish inteligence agencies, it has become very easy for any country who are occupying the lands illegally to use the words of international terrirism to judtify their unlawfull occupations like:
Israiels occupation of palestine.
Indian occupation of kashmir
Cehniya occupation of Russsia
London Bombings are also newtwork of some intelligence agencies may be through muslim ground workers,to tight european mindset for muslims.

I am a muslim and am against any type of terrorism which is against the teachings of my great religion of Islam,religion of peace and teachings of the most peace loving personality ever born the great prophit Muhammad PBUH

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