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If all our poor little motives and desires, our pitiful little enjoyments, recognised as such, are really reflections or echoes of Bliss on the plane of Reality, as our deplorable egotistic 'love' is a reflection of its reality, all of which are demonstrated in manifestation, direct and without refraction in the muddy waters of an ego, by liberated men (men liberated from their egos), then do we not malign them a little?
They may be poor relations, but they come of good stock. The echoes may be feeble and confused, but the Voice is Harmony Itself. The shadows may be fugitive and transparent, but the Substance is Reality. If we trace them back to their origin we shall surely find Ourselves.
How much better than going and sitting on our haunches in a cave and regarding our navels as though there were something there to look at, which only results in cramp and hypnosis! If we do as I suggest we will be doing what the Zen Masters have been telling us to do for twelve hundred years, to seek realisation through living. »Find Out Who it is Who is Predestined or has Free Will«(Ramana Maharshi)

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