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I made business studies, where I come from. There were lesson is economy, bookkeeping, word processing. What we've learned, we learnt also on English, French, Spanish an Italian. But what we hated, were the sport lossons because we had a severe ruthless sportteacher and waht we did were exercises with gymnastic ribbons gymnastic ring, floor exercises and exercises on horizontall bar, balance beam, asymmetric bars etc. Each mistake we had to correct by beginning until the exercise was excellent from beginning to end and there was no limit about tries. The more tries were necessary the worse the degree in that exercise. she was extrem ruthless and there was no exception to problems like talent, fear, overweight etc. We has wear a shinig black leotard with long-sleeved and even pums on barefood were forbidden. We hat to be barefoodet. Also personal hygiene has been strictly controlled. This exercise lead to backache and someone got problems with the spinal column.

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