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on May 30th 2000, 10:53:18, pip wrote the following about


It's sad that men are so bagged out by women – I'm sure there were and are a hell of a lot of bastards out there, but as with women, there are good and bad people. You can't just write off everyone because you've met ten idiots.

Nor can you like all women, just because they're women.

Such silly generalisations people get stuck with because they get angry at some point, and lash out – it might be okay to hate everyone because you're angry, but only for about ten seconds – after that you've just got to realise that sometimes the world just sucks. But good things will follow if you don't cut them off.

Ah, now I'm generalising, at least my generalisation gives you a few options

I should delete this, but what the hell.

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