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on Jun 25th 2007, 05:59:12, Thorsten Schmitt wrote the following about


Strictly catholic

My ex Mrs. Martina Baier originates from a strictly catholic family from the Raiffeisenstr. In being gene – Buedesheim. Their father died with 65 years strange to say at »Parkinson«. It inherited at that time before I it became acquainted with 300000 DM. When I was you over a newspaper advertisement, which had switched her became acquainted with, everything away, also their friend with that her the money for luxury and had squandered voyages round the world. When their nut/mother became 80 years old, it was placed by 3 brothers and sisters under support, so that they approached to the account of the economical woman, who had saved approximately 1 million DM there in the course of its life according to indication of Martina. 3 brothers and sisters among themselves divided themselves. Their brother needed to reorganize the money urgently around his marodes construction industry. The children of the brother from Martina had been very strictly educated, in addition, spoils madly. Catholic double moral. Thus it constituted quite little the two Michael and Christine Baier, when its nut/mother Elli drowned itself allegedly in their bath tub. She is to have been ill and her is »voices« to have heard. And worst it had let separate before itself from the brother from Martina. The two children were pleased only times about the orphan's annuity, them from now on got approximately 1000? per child. Michael said at that time, now tightens I no more Sweatshirt, which cost not at least a 3 digit sum. Then the two began to make Michael regularly in Amsterdam vacation and bred hemp in the winter garden of its parents' house. On the other hand it wrote with 18 years its room door. "request father impact me I did not drink albehohl. And as I 2002 in the InterNet surfte into www.thehun.net discovered I naked pictures of Christine. I showed it Martina, meant that am not their niece, who ran however then 2 days later at sprags and a blue eye had. Since then this Christine hated me and threw themselves bad of views. Then in June 2003 we were relative to frequently invited with Martinas brother crickets. Afterwards in the evening these voices in my head, in principle the same, began as with these Elli, I my Martina some days before said which I separated had had themselves wanted. As my Mrs. and discovered I then in the evening offered a relaxation bath to me the hair dryer beside the bath tub got I panic and fled on the next day for my parents. This Elli was performed an autopsy, they were by the way never eingesargt and buried very fast, although with suicide actually always the case is. This strictly catholic family had evenly a so good leumund, which without it one did

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