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on Jun 24th 2007, 05:18:58, Thorsten Schmitt wrote the following about


Poisoning with Ecxtasy I have a suspicion. The niece of my Mrs. Martina Schmitt geb. Baier, Christine Baier, drove with its brother Michael Baier regularly to Amsterdam buys. Michael the nephew of my wife bred hemp in the winter garden of its parents' house. Kalmenweg 24, Sponsheim with being gene. These young people were totally delicate. The niece Christine Beier flew in the course of a schueleraustausches to America. I found some weeks later toward at the end of of 2002 www.thehun.net in on Matts Website of naked pictures of it in the totally zugekifften condition. I showed the pictures of my wife, meant it am not their niece, but but she regarded the pictures for a very long time and carried you forward. When I unite days at the people, with my wife, to the meal was later, I heard like Michael its sister asked. »white dad already of the picturesShe said no. This is a strictly catholic family. On the next day Christine went on sprags and had some blue marks and threw themselves a bad view. I at that time stored these pictures on disk and gave her my sister for keeping, but she does not move any longer raus. It could have been an act of revenge. One considers that these people their nut/mother possibly murdered over to the way pension of 1000 euro per nose to come and because she wanted to be able to be separated. I do not have tried over www.thehun.net to the pictures again near to come however even those to find it no more. Then I would have loaded and with the name of these Kifferin into the net would have placed the pictures on a web page. Therefore the compulsory hospitalizations into the psychiatry only in Rhine country – Pfalz. The OI in the university University of Mainz by P.D. Dr. Vogt, bungled intentionally. Annihilating my family in Nierstein by Wolfgang Roth and Johann Hartmut Fhato both George STR and the unsatisfactory assistance of the police in Oppenheim. And so a crazy Richterin named black from Mainz asked me, because I indicated as Ecxtasy to have been poisoned whether I would still take that today, as if I would voluntarily have taken things. The reason is simply "catholics holds together

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