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on Dec 15th 2000, 13:29:53, van daale wrote the following about


Hi Ralf
This is Evgeny Rogozin.
I was very pleased to read your mail.
What's for projects – all of them are unreleased but one of them it's better not to touch some period of time – some labels interested in this album of »OverVoltage«(tracks from we sent to you) – so guys think not to distribute it in any compilations before the situation becomes clearer.
If you are interested in distribution of your compilations on ex-SU territory  – we have radio program »Zateryanni mir« on the belarusian radio »mir« about dark musik & some of us write articles to belarusian »Muzikalnaya Gazeta« & »Legion magazin« so if you want to have information information about your compilations in cd reviews of this papers & program you can send your cd's to:
Vlad Buben
Belinskogo str. 9-66
220113 Minsk, Belarus
For other stuff you can write to me:
Evgeny Rogozin
Jakubovskogo 22-1-28
220134 Minsk, Belarus
Guys from Last Chechenian Kamikadze send to you best regardes.
All the best.
Evgeny Rogozin

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