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on Oct 25th 2015, 14:03:33, Carolyn Stewart wrote the following about


And one more thing Amber always liked her music on sbs you never believed her never listened and yet you try to copy her now why? This is not normal to her she feels you are playing a game with her grow up stop listening to what her mother and family say why can't you just accept Amber the way she is why must you change her oh that's right she's disabled a threat to society so you have to make her feel dumb and have no voice in life this is abuse don't you dare say she is trying to act smart or she is arrogant she can see you all are toxic yourselves she would not like you as friends grow up these games are for children which makes you the stupid children get on with your own lives stop being fake with her she can see you are very good actors Amber only wants to speak with one person Elfboi she wants to see who you are before she goes away

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