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Nierstein on the Rhine Oppenheim Nierstein on the Rhine Oppenheim Nierstein on the Rhine Oppenheim WEBSITE Wolfgang Roth George route 17 Nierstein on the Rhine This man operates character assassination for years against me and my family. It instigates our tenants against us and says we moonlighters would employ, it calls this neighbourhood right, whereby it makes in the InterNet for its photographer activity advertisement, which is not announced. Its wife complained my nut/mother years ago their wrong, what takes part in you at night with him. It would require of it, which had to satisfy you it orally. And it places a loaded illegal rifle to each evening beside its bed to the protection from the many enemies, whom it made itself as a witness Jehova child educator. In addition we know from neighbours which it its wife daily strike. The moreover we know from neighbours which it at 3 o'clock rise at night and building sites scanned and tool zusammenklaut, it would have its whole cellar fully. It is for 20 years the 1. Chairman of the photo association Oppenheim, in which I was as a young person also member. Therefore I was at that time times with him in its photo cellar, because he me which to show wanted. There a whole series of naked pictures was appropriate for its at that time 14 of year old son and other children on the table. It cleared you fast and meant that is private family pictures. I was a witness like him the 2.Vorsitzende at that time of the photo association from its house out-threw at that time with the words. »if you my child again approach, show I you in the background were naked about 10 a year old crying boy to be seen on. I do not know the name any longer, but the family lived above alto the Oppenheims in a house with a garage gate on an apple is up-painted from a worm looks. Wolfgang Roth said at that time to the father. «that is my right, the boy must be educated." The man was then excluded from the photo association. I refund hereby charge because of character assassination, theft and production of kinderpornografischen pictures

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