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on Jun 30th 2000, 00:17:27, pixlfuxa wrote the following about


pat nellinger's kinky pleasures

the frilly curtains
of reality
to unveil
the eversomore obvious
even – and with emphasis –
when you'd rather look away
in search of the hitherto unfathomed –
those realms beyond
all golden sunrays and silvery moonshine,
farther than the stars
yet closer than your next breath
which thou shalt always
appreciate and enjoy,
for it could as well be
the last but one.

so don't hesitate
and tell me the name of the scent,
coming to announce
the celebration of the unspeakable
in utter blasphemy
of the laws
and all the bitterness
of income tax
and chronic obstipation.

he who farts well
cometh as the prince of relief
and be praised eversoforth
until he's fed up with your hymns
for good.

in the meantime
to lackadaisically grind down
the hailstone,
proof and witness
that even the sky
needs a laxative every now and then
- but keep it well cooled
for it must not melt
in spite of your sloppiness!

feel the load!

dampen the rage
your penetrator can grow
in silence and moist darkness
until it's ready
for hard and sudden action
awaiting ever so sweet lullabies
echoing deep down the secret grotto.

never mind any obstacles!

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