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Literally: your dream-lover....An incubus (or if you want a female one, a succubus) can make a better sex partner than a human if you aren't in a love relationship yet want to have sex. Humans tend to be more trouble than they are worth when it comes to casual sex. With an incubus, you don't have to deal with consequences. It is possible to have such intense sexual adventures with these angels/demons (depending on your point of view) that you may achieve orgasm without manual stimulation. Incubi tend to be very arrogant, persuasive and seductive. They also look just like your favourite physical type, as they get into your brain and find a »skin« that they'll wear while visiting you. They visit during hypnagoguic states – the time when you are still sort of asleep but partially awake. They leave when they're finished with you.

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