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on Apr 15th 2000, 11:37:21, Groggy groove wrote the following about


Yes, sir, doctor, I know as well as anybody that you´re a mighty busy man, but this here business about that husband of mine a-losin´ his manhood is life or death, that´s all there is to it. This can´t wait a minute longer, or he´s liable to do something desperate to himself. He ain´t the kind of man that can take a thing like that like it was a plain ordinary misery somewhere in him, no, sir. He´s always been broody and headstrong, and the way he sets around a-mutterin´ to himself and a-glarin´ at the gun over against the wall and a-pindlin´ away like he´s a-doin´, I´m scared to be around him. You ain´t got any notion how deep a thing like this takes ahold on him. Yes, sir, impotency. Well, the first time we noticed it was along yesterday afternoon, and then a couple a times last night, and again this morning...

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