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on Sep 10th 2001, 03:53:02, Ursula wrote the following about


My lover always comes in the middle of the night, I never did see his face in the daylight, he is a stranger who found his way into my bedroom. I love him, even so I don't really know him at all. But, the sex we have together is out of this world. I am waiting for him every night, with the lights off,like on his first visit. After he missed some nights in a row, he explained that he has also other obligations. I am happy to be one of them. He is just to good that I don't mind sharing him with others. I the morning I always find something he left, like flowers, candies or love notes. He fills my nights with pleasure I never experienced that from any other man before. After I am exhausted from intercourse, his kisses cover my entire body from top to bottom, kissing me in my middle the longest time. I enjoy that very much.

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