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on Oct 26th 2015, 08:53:36, Carolyn Stewart wrote the following about


Well stop sitting their and do something about it come and talk to me I know what pain is but stop fighting with me and talk to me you are all cowards stop making excuses grow up and stop calling me a bitch dumb slut crazy are you children or adults that's what I thought if you love my mother why don't you marry her she is your angel your light of truth pathetic how many of you have overprotective parents you don't know Amber at all and you don't care about her elfboi be a man tell the truth and go and talk to Amber and if you don't police will be involved Amber didn't want to call them but please tell the truth if you love her tell it to her face Amber makes mistakes but you all do why can't you just admit that oh you are all perfect this is wrong

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