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christians claim jesus was the result of parthenogenesis. impossible. greek roots: partheno--vitgin, + genesis--birth. parthenogenesis is an event of asexual reproduction, only involving a female. it has been extensively observed in nature with lower level animals--insects, reptiles, amphibians. parthenogenesis has been achieved artificially with most animals--often causing congenital abnormalities--with the use of temperature, chemicals, mechanical procedures, all to alter the unfertilized egg. parthenogenesis also produces results somewhat like cloning--spawn is geneticaaly identical to the mother.
without fertilization, the ovum develops into a new organism. in normal sexual reproduction, the ovum splits its genes in preparation to merge with half of the genes of the sperm. in parthenogenesis, the ovum does not divide, and all of the chromosomes from the mother are the offspring's set--the requirements for a living organism, a full set of chromosomes, are nevertheless fulfilled without having to be fertilized. the genetic makeup will be identical to the mother's, or at least homozygous. there are some species of animals in which no males exist, and vice versa, because all of them undergo parthenogenesis.
in mammals, (incl. humans: parthenogenesis hasn't occured in humans) = XX-a female

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