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on Jun 30th 2000, 00:19:50, pixlfuxa wrote the following about


_dat rosa me l apibus_

contemplating you find

the leafless branches
of destiny
provide no shelter
from the hovering flakes
of life

crystallized drops
go by
sweating out the guts
they took
while passing on
dangerous secrets
hitherto unspoken

they will keep them

hidden from former owners
liver extracts
are being condensed
and reinfiltrated thereafter
thus inflicting heavy dreams
of unfathomable origin

rays of reflected light
travelling the furthermost
of the spectral realms
hit the sun
right where it hurts most
and open up a gap
to let your curiosity in
and burn in atomic hell
in excess of 37 minutes

awesome experience!

unlike the cold fever
you got last friday
when you tried to lay lee
and found yourself
transmogrified instead
into a caribbean donkey
with grass ears

unleashed firestorms
gather in a teacup
kept there only
with greatest zeal

drink up
and you know
what laughing is all about

rumpus in the belly!

when you open your eyes
the office is quite the same
as usual
the tea quite as awful
and your screen –
what is this
devilish grin supposed to mean

do application programs
dream of epileptic leaps
down the drivebays?

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