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on Oct 27th 2001, 00:19:19, http://www.wildstrawberries.com/ wrote the following about


Here's what's up with us:

1.Let U Go has been in the top 10 in Germany for the past 6 weeks. Because of that and thanks to the marvel of television,
Roberta has been on Germany's Top of the Pops television show on several occasions in the past month. The single has
sold more copies in Europe in six weeks than we've sold in Canada in our entire career. We're reading about castles.
2.Ken just finished co-writing and producing the debut record for HUSH HUSH. Check them out at www.popguru.com
God only knows what I'd be without you.
3.We've been working on our next record as well as a new single for ATB. We have 14 songs written for the new record and it
doesn't sound like a record you'd write after havng a baby.

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