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on Oct 14th 2015, 15:30:58, Carolyn Stewart wrote the following about


Leave her alone how many times do I have to tell you to get rid of these internet rumors stop treating her like a child wait I think all of you people on here are children making fun of her and her disability shame on you she can't say anything you have ruined her confidence she has no one to even love or help her properly you just have to drag her down she is really upset and stop faking the nice act and telling her to get back on medication she can see you are all lying she will move away that is what you people always wanted this is abuse she will call the police and get a lawyer what if she started rumors about you would you like it? thankyou again for destroying her life and calling her crazy stupid and crap this has gone far enough don't you dare boss her around if you want to be friends with her although you love being her enemies stop and get on with your own lives Amber will not be a friend to any of you again and stop the death threats she could think the same of you but she doesn't enough said grow up and live your own lives

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