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on Oct 26th 2015, 02:14:13, Carolyn Stewart wrote the following about


Matthew and everyone else involved stop playing the nice act Amber knows you are all really mean to her but she won't call the police on you stop treating her like a freak you never liked her yet this revenge is immature you are playing a children's game like Amber said if you want to kill her do it stop waiting around and writing something else on the Internet Amber is fed up she will call the police if the real elfboi doesn't come and talk to her whoever you are please come forward Amber will not call the police on you but please just tell the truth and stop blaming Amber for everything if you don't the police will be involved you may laugh now but police can track computer hackers on the internet so watch out please no more lies Amber needs to see you the real you and you have to say you are Elfboi I know all this is embarrassing how do you think Amber feels she has been a fool whoever you are come forward AD The Idiot and the worldwide freak

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