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on Jan 8th 2002, 19:41:30, cinderella wrote the following about



pretending you are not talking to me
I ignore you look
pretending you are not meaning me
I ignore your words
pretending you are not dreaming of me
I ingore you whish
turn away

of course I know
I know
since ...
well you know
since when
I felt
I still feel

I always know when you mean me
I feel the touch
your words are for me
my name shines through them

I sort papers sitting on the floor
and your whish flows over my skin
like a wind

I know
you wait for an answer
but I gave it to you
44 times
you just do not listen

or do not want it
wake up
knocks on the door
let it in

do not ask why
you are too close
any answer would hurt you
I can not hurt you
without hurting me

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