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Bars on the windows. No furniture in the room. Windows high. Basement. Saw legs of passersby. Jeremy saw someone through the window and ran out of the room, up the stairs. Came back with a guy named »Megadread – protector of people on the streets everywhere«...that was what he called himself, anyway. »Dis is da boss manhe said. Megadread was black, dread locked with a Jamaican accent that might have been real. Boss man was black, short hair, track suit. Wanted to say, why the hell did you bring them in here? Megadread had ripped Jeremy off--an acid deal several days before. »Don't trust I, have faith in Ihe'd kept saying. Took Jeremy's $20 & my 2. Now he and boss man sat opposite the windows--between me & the door & smoked crack pipe. Mega told Jeremy what he'd spent his money on. Thought boss man had a gun. They offered us girls if they could use the apartment. Jeremy said no. It was his apartment. I loaded a bowl. Mega dumped and reloaded when it got to him. Too scared to leave. Pissed at Jeremy for putting me here, in this position under the window, with a crackhead who stood with his back to the wall--opposite the windows--in the pose of Jesus on the cross. »You know who I am, mon.«

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