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on Oct 5th 2001, 01:17:30, Taylor (aka) Me (aka) GeNiE iN a BoTtLe wrote the following about


This is a story aka my dream I have had about a boy!

I dreamed this where i was at school and we were watching a movie and I climbed under a table and Jake M. climbed under with me! I asked him why he's ignored me since school started! He said he got nervous around me! Then I told him I liked him alot! He grabbed my hand and said the same thing to me! Then he kissed me! I kissed him back!
Then we kissed each other! He held me close and looked into my eyes! Then the next day in my dream I asked him if I was dreaming and he said
no; then he took me somewhere and kissed me! I wasn't sure I was dreaming and that scared me alot! For 3 days in that dream I would ask him if I was dreaming and he would say no, take me somewhere and kiss me! I am hoping he'll go to the SADIE HAWKINS DANCE in March 2002!

By:Taylor L. S.

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