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The y chromsome is the piece of genetic material that creates males. It is the smallest of all the chromosomes. It is actually a degraded X chromosome which is getting smaller with each generation. Eventually it will disappear.

Males are now known to be simply a variation on the original Female form. Male nipples are the most obvious evidence of this.

The fact that males have a y chromosme as a counterpart to the much larger X chromosome means that the genetic endowment of the male is much weaker than that of the Female.

From conception to death, males are susceptible to many more defects and illnesses and Women. The mechanism that changes the basic Female design of the developing embryo into a male causes problems that make males less viable.

Because of their unstable y chromosomes, males themselves are less stable than Females.

This is scientific fact. It is only a matter of time before the reality of this knowledge brings about the rise of Women to the superior status they deserve.

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