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Texts to »Blaster«

Dragan wrote on Apr 6th 2000, 22:54:34 about


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The Assoziations-Blaster is an interactive text network with the following features:

- automatic, non-linear real-time-linking of text inputs
- multiple interfaces: direct user input, input via mail, data on any other webpages, connection to search engines
- individual ranking system for all entries

The Blaster is mainly a database with text entries that are connected to a keyword. Anyone is allowed to enter new text or keywords into this pool.

You cannot browse through the database, but just jump from one text to another, depending on the keywords a text contains. For example, when there is a text about sickness mentioning »fever«, a link is generated to another text in the pool of the keyword »fever«. This text mentioning the »sore throat« that comes with fever, the text about sore throat leads to getting it by »drinking« to much what again leads to »beer« ... and so on. Every word that is also a keyword generates a link to a random text that is saved under this keyword. As the links are generated in real time, they are always up to date with freshly entered texts or keywords.

Users are also allowed to rate texts and set a personal threshold, so they only see texts that have a certain rating – if they chose to do so.

The Web-Blaster allows to load any web page and generate Blaster Links in it. This was made to establish connections to web pages with normal hierarchy.

Because search engines can only crawl linear site structures, the Blaster has a special interface that brings the texts and keywords to their indexes.

All of the described effects are made transparent on a detailed statistics page. Users that contribute to the Blaster's database can watch how their writing work effects the traffic from search engines, the rating, the most popular keywords and so on. So the users are in full control of the site's content and development. Like a traditional webmaster, they can add texts, modify existing texts by generating new link-keywords, they can rate texts and move them out of view and finally watch how this changes the whole project. And they do not do it alone, but form a collaborative web of information with the other users.

The Assoziations-Blaster is a way of organizing text information differently from hierarchical structures. Every text entry is on the same hierarchical level, not dependent on input time, thread-chains or any other criterion. The automatic links can change the meaning of the single texts, and the links themselves change over time as new data is put into the Blaster's database.

The Blaster can be used a system to produce literature, as a knowledge-database, as a game or as a scientific tool to eruate how things are connected together.

Assoziations-Blaster Mk II is an improved Version of Assoziations-Blaster. New features are: rating system, improved Statistics, support for multiple languages, mail interface, improved search engine interface, web-blaster

On 20th of March 2000, the German database contains 31027 texts under 2852 keywords. Every day 150 to 200 new texts are entered.

JJJ wrote on Jan 25th 2003, 00:41:24 about


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The Assoziations-Blaster is an interactive text network. Anyone, including you, is allowed to contribute to the text database. And all the texts inside this database are connected automatically in real time.

You can not browse through all the texts in a linear way. Instead you jump from one text to another depending on their connections, revealing new meanings and associations.

The information in the database is organized through keywords. Every text belongs to a keyword, and the keywords create the connections between the texts. You are also allowed to create new keywords after certain intervals. So with your contribution you can help to build up a non-linear map of all things that exist.

Dragan wrote on Mar 28th 2000, 11:46:48 about


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For a long time, a »Blaster« was only something to blow stuff up. But this has changed in the meantime. »Blaster« now indicates that something is incredibly cool. It started with the well-known Sound Blaster. It was not meant to destroy your sound, but to blast the barriers of known sound.

To be true, the first Sound Blaster was indeed blasting sound. It sounded like shit. Amiga users were laughing about the poor samples it could play.

sandra lind wrote on Aug 27th 2002, 02:47:24 about


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The opposite of blaster would be polymer, something that holds things together.

Pacifist wrote on Aug 13th 2002, 06:31:08 about


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Blast it, baby, blast it!!!!!! Keep blastin' til you're old and grey! I was born a blaster, and I'll die a blaster. If you don't understand, that's ok; just keep blastin' anyway!!!

Emma Example wrote on Apr 24th 2005, 22:00:02 about


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Since the last 72 hours the users added 6 new texts and 0 new keywords to the english version of the Assoziations-Blaster. Overall the Blaster's Database contains at the moment 31171 texts and 2833 keywords. The german database contains 581021 texts in 45120 keywords (=>statistics of the german database)

Top 10 keywords with no contributions for the longest time
(According to your treshold) proven (0000/00/00 00:00)
languedoc (2002/03/04 11:50)
crush (2002/03/11 20:07)
fanny (2002/03/12 09:44)
nourish (2002/04/07 20:14)
Schlessinger (2002/04/10 17:21)
wordsmith (2002/04/15 00:31)
dextromethorphan (2002/04/21 14:30)
rebel (2002/04/22 04:12)
Diamant (2002/04/24 01:36)

The newest 10 keywords jeremy (2005/04/11 20:16)
nationalism (2005/04/08 16:54)
scary (2005/04/08 16:51)
proven (2005/04/04 21:08)
welly (2005/04/03 10:14)
reputation (2005/03/27 16:52)
gopher (2005/03/22 01:15)
adjoining (2005/03/11 05:02)
headache (2005/03/02 22:46)
huge (2005/03/02 19:11)

The newest 10 texts breast (Apr 23rd, 20:28)
Blaster (Apr 23rd, 02:16)
alQaida (Apr 22nd, 09:35)
pussy (Apr 22nd, 09:16)
shaved (Apr 22nd, 09:11)
Goddess (Apr 22nd, 05:59)
poontang (Apr 21st, 12:16)
lust (Apr 21st, 03:11)
butthole (Apr 21st, 02:06)
antidisestablishmentarinism (Apr 21st, 01:14)

The last positive user ratings glow (Apr 22nd, 05:37:06)
receptacle (Apr 17th, 07:00:39)
happiness (Apr 13th, 06:28:39)
Why (Apr 12th, 16:35:11)
trepidation (Apr 12th, 00:41:00)
German (Apr 11th, 21:24:25)
German (Apr 11th, 21:24:07)
Germany (Apr 11th, 21:18:03)
trepidation (Apr 8th, 17:25:12)
window (Apr 8th, 17:14:15)

The last negative user ratings Quilp (Apr 22nd, 04:08:18)
field (Apr 22nd, 04:07:09)
receptacle (Apr 17th, 07:00:32)
Coppinger (Apr 17th, 06:59:51)
German (Apr 11th, 21:23:55)
Germany (Apr 11th, 21:20:08)
window (Apr 8th, 17:15:21)
window (Apr 8th, 17:15:12)
window (Apr 8th, 17:15:00)
window (Apr 8th, 17:14:56)

The last ten keywords, found by search engine users piss-drinkers (Search, 21:41:16)
strawberries (Search, 21:39:34)
strawberries (Search, 21:39:01)
strawberries (Search, 21:38:26)
strawberries (Search, 21:38:02)
piss-drinkers (Search, 21:37:34)
Sesamestreet (Search, 21:36:51)
RoccoSiffredi (Search, 21:36:51)
RoccoSiffredi (Search, 21:36:42)
beer (Search, 21:33:06)

The top 10 keywords, which are found by searchengines in the last 7 days
(overall: 2512) suck-me-bitch (204)
and (138)
milk (99)
poontang (85)
rosacia (83)
piss-drinkers (73)
datagarbage (67)
mouni (57)
RoccoSiffredi (46)
female-supremacy (46)

The ten texts with the best user rating book (360)
blue (169)
garlic (90)
wanderlust (56)
unrequited (50)
silk (40)
kind (36)
biscuit (36)
Sun (36)
tell (30)

The keywords with most new texts the last seven days Germany (2)
pussy (2)
abesha (2)
Lolita (2)
to (1)
poontang (1)
women (1)
breast (1)
Goddess (1)
antidisestablishmentarinism (1)

The 10 keywords with the most texts zero (317)
female-superiority (312)
love (266)
God (250)
music (202)
sex (182)
bitches (180)
datagarbage (179)
you (157)
the (154)

irgendwie versteh ich ja auch den, der sich da abgewendet hat. ich finde nicht nur den Boden nicht mehr, ich hatte ihn vielleicht noch nie. war ich je partnertauglich. ich mein, wenn ich mir so jemanden raussuche und dann so was hier mitmache um zu flücjhten, hilfe zu kriegen. das ganz ist und bleibt krank. soll ich einfach so weitermachen? weiterleben?

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