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on Jun 12th 2009, 07:36:13 wrote
Teresa Robison about Coppinger

on Jun 12th 2009, 07:40:03 wrote
Teresa Robison about Coppinger

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Teresa Robison about Coppinger

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Dillon wrote on Aug 22nd 2004, 02:47:16 about


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The opposite of Coppinger? Big city and cold heart. Western Poets have no other opposites. Debra Coppinger Hill has no equals. Whispers of the West and Old Yellow Slickers are subjects only real Westerners will understand.

Oklahoma Cowgirl Poet wrote on Nov 14th 2001, 06:33:48 about


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We find ourselves repeatedly drawn back to the Cowboy Poetry of Debra Coppinger Hill. Ranch manager of the 4DH Cutting horse operation, she writes about her day to day experiences as a cowgirl buckaroo. She often performs with Doc Stovall and Jerry Warren. They have a new book due out in the spring along with a new CD.

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