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brzlbrmpf wrote on Jul 3rd 2002, 00:05:44 about


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Ingrid, the name.

The syllable »Ing-« is in names as »Ingmar«, »Ingo«, »Ingolf«, »Ingrid« , »Inga«

The »Ingwäons«, a Teutonic people, were named after their founder Ingwo (also Ingwäo). After his exceptional heroic life he is supposed to have joined the nordic gods in (nordic) heaven, that's why he is also called »The Godly«.

Ingrid in Scandinavian: patron of the Ingwäons.

Ingrid in old German (althochdeutsch) = »The Teutonic Beauty« (Ingwio=teutonic, fridr=beautiful)

Jack the Whack wrote on Oct 2nd 2002, 04:39:43 about


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Wasn't Ingrid Bergman's daughter a newscaster in New York? Or was that someone else

brzlbrmpf wrote on Jul 2nd 2002, 23:51:38 about


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Ingrid Bergmann actress 1915 – 1982
Ingrid Braun graphic designer * 13. April
Ingrid Caven chanson singer * 1938
Ingrid van Bergen actress * 1931
Ingrid Steeger comedian * 1948
Ingrid Rommel cathedral master-builder in Ulm *1952
Ingrid von Schweden monarch * 1910
Ingrid just me * (yes)

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